Data Security

100% Guaranteed Data Destruction
100% Guaranteed Risk Mitigation
Audit Reporting
NIST 800-88 Data Sanitation
R2 Certified Data Destruction Procedures

Data Security is ARCOA Group’s #1 priority when recycling electronic equipment. ARCOA Group practices a transparent business model and strictly adheres to the guidelines and principles set forth by the R2 Certification standards.

  • Data destruction on all data sensitive equipment
  • NIST 800-88 Data Sanitation
  • Degaussing
  • NSA & Department of Defense Approved Sanitation Software
  • 0% Risk of Your Liabilities
  • GSA Contract Holder


Audit Reporting

Record of manufacturer asset tag information reported back to you for your record to ensure your safety in audit processes.

  • Manufacturer ID
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Method of Disposal
  • Assigned Asset Tag
  • De-Identifying
  • Any identifying information can be reported back to you
  • Completely Customizable!


NSA and Department of Defense approved software provides a secure erase report with up to 10x pass, along with manufacturer asset tag identification recording on each hard drive and final destruction method. A final degaussing process not only ensures 100% destruction, but guarantees 0% liability for you and your company.