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Through the last 25 years of providing services for End-Of-Use electronics, we have become market leaders in best practices while building our business to deliver maximum value. Our practices are built upon the R2 SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) Standards as a baseline of operations.

One of our key success factors is that we take the time to audit of all of our downstream vendors on an annual basis. We offer transparency with all transactions so our suppliers can have peace of mind that their materials were processed in an environmentally responsible manner. In addition to responsible recycling, we can ensure maximum value, due to our consumer direct relationships, which drives our volumes and has enabled us to become a large scale processor.

One of our unique strengths as an E-Scrap Processor is that we have built an efficient manner to disassemble electronics components down to commodity grade items which are then sold to consumers who harvest the individual commodities for reuse into new materials. We choose to do this over shredding and other processing methods to maintain the highest recovery value possible. This demanufacturing facility is fully integrated with our Logistics and Remarketing Service to complete a full suite of End-Of-Use electronics services.

  • In-House Disassembly
  • Commodity Harvesting for Reuse in New Materials
  • Most Efficient, Effective and Successful Method = Maximum Return

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