Electronics Recycling Services for the Chicago, IL Area

Secure Chain of Custody
Fully Documented Process
Certified, Audited and Integrated Demanufacturing
Secure Management of Your Data

As your end of use service partner, we give you peace of mind that all of your products go to one place with a documented cradle to grave lifecycle.

Our focus is secured chain of custody from your office space to our trucks to final destination. We service all electronic office equipment as well most electrical and battery operated medical and process equipment!

  • Copiers & Printers
  • IT Assets
  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Network Equipment
  • Phone Systems
  • Electronic Peripherals
  • Medical Equipment

If it powers on, ARCOA can Recycle IT!

It is our practice to always maximize value first through reuse, with your permission. Many times, innovations in technology and short product life cycles limit the potential for reuse and the best option is to process the items in an environmentally friendly manner. We have built a robust demanufacturing process where electronics are disassembled down to commodities which are sold for processing into new materials.